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Medical Writing Vs. Scientific Writing

People often make the mistake of thinking that medical writing and scientific writing are synonymous. Guys, they are really not! The process of creating content, it’s structure, and the abilities needed to do either of these are totally different. Scroll down to know more!

Understanding Scientific Writing

As the name denotes, scientific writing is all about basic sciences, technological information, and drugs for common readers. It is usually found in the medical news, marketing material, articles, and academic content such as regulatory documents and journals.

In life sciences industry, it deals with different aspects of science such as discoveries and innovations in biotech and pharmaceutical industry, synthesis of different chemicals and different novel theories and mechanisms.

Scientific content developers not only create content for people who understand the jargon and belong to the scientific community, but they also create content for the general public who might want to know what’s happening in the world of science.

Sometimes, these writers also assume the role of medical journalists by relating science to broad social problems like the need for better healthcare practice, nutrition and food sanitization, nuclear power safety, etc.

Understanding Medical Writing

It includes creating clinical and scientific documents in a comprehensive, standard, convincing and skilled manner. It also includes creating content in such a manner that a layperson can easily understand and grasp. This process makes content more organized, easily readable and efficient. It is often used while creating a therapeutic product. It is also required when sorting medical data into a readable format.

Three Key Types

  • Regulatory
  • Educational
  • Medico-Marketing

Medical Writing Vs. Scientific Writing

The former is a more specialized area of scientific writing while the latter involves creating content about science no matter whether it’s about physics, chemistry or medicine among others.

In essence, all medical writers are science writers, but all science writers are not medical writers.

The scope of the former is confined to health and medicine only while the latter includes everything from medicine to biology and physics to chemistry among others.

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