he Administrative Simplification provisions of HIPAA (Title II) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 made it essential for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create national standards regarding the electronic health care transactions and develop national identifiers for health plans, providers, and employers. It has also addressed the need of making the health data secure and private. Since the creation of the HIPAA standards and an increase in the use of electronic data interchange, the health care system of the USA has become efficient and effective.

At Wininfosoft, all personnel are required to sign the HIPAA Compliant Business Associate agreements. All the business partners and personnel are also offered regular training on security policies and regulations.

Post the training or sometimes prior to that, the personnel are audited with regard to the understanding gained from the training. The processes and procedures are well-documented and deftly communicated via official channels.

There is also regular monitoring and internal audits to ensure all the personnel knows about the regulations, processes and procedures as well as any updates to the same. Everyone associated with the organization also taught about a detailed backup plan that can be used in event of emergencies. It is also well-documented and accessible to all. Specialists also audit, test and update it at regular intervals.

The access to the production areas is restricted to authorized personnel only and all the personnel are mandated to carry the ID cards with them at all the times. The visitors are never permitted to enter the production areas. Even unauthorized storage devices cannot enter the said area. All personnel and storage devices entering or leaving the production areas are monitored regularly by qualified and experienced staff members who are stringent about security. Protected information is not put on the network after use.

The protected information can only be accessed by authorized personnel who make use of multilevel username/password. The data transfers between the facilities are encrypted by using 128 bit SSL. All the clients get the VPN security as a default option. The clients are also required to enter a confidentiality agreement with WIN. The agreement complies with all HIPAA regulations. The network activity is monitored and recorded too. Each transfer is conducted by licensed or proprietary applications.

At Win Infosoft, Data Security is Everyone’s Number 1 Priority.

Some other steps we take to protect the data are:

  • Data locking on server
  • Limited internet access as it avoids inadvertence
  • Banning data pilferage completely
  • Each employee signs an NDA
  • CCTV surveillance of the production area
  • 24X7 Security guards offer added protection to the production area
  • Highly secure employee passwords
  • Working on client-server whenever needed

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