31 May 2019

Insurance Advertising, Marketing & Its Strategies

Did you know that the gross value of insurance premiums across the world in $5 trillion? Perhaps, this is why medical underwriting experts and insurance processing agents have so much work to do at all times. If you have a business pertaining to insurance, you should also know that there are 6,000 insurance businesses in the US alone. This sort of competition needs you to learn about insurance advertising, marketing, and its strategies, the most crucial ones of those are mentioned here.

Make this Your Goal

When planning advertising and marketing strategies, your goal should be to build a brand that’s the same online and offline. Many customers prefer online information, while several others prefer offline information more. Some prefer both online and offline information. So, make sure that you build a brand that looks equally good online as it does offline.

Focus on the Website

A website is a home for you in the online world no matter what sort of insurance you offer, life insurance or medical underwriting services. Hence, you must create a website that is creative, informative, and interactive. The simpler and more attractive your website is, the higher would be the probability of a customer choosing you over the competitors. To get a perfect website, create good content, use a nice theme, make navigation easy, and do your SEO right.

Create the Right Content

If you want to get an edge over the competitors, make sure that you create content that ranks. Content marketing is not limited to blogs now; it also includes social media posts, how to guides, videos, and infographics. When creating content, make sure that you create it for customers and answer all the questions they might have. If the other pages of your website already have useful content, it is suggested that you create a FAQ section and eliminate all doubts.

Use the Power of Social Media

According to estimates, there are about 2.77 billion social media users in 2019; you can target them by creating effective social media marketing strategies. Begin by creating pages for your company on all social media platforms, update them regularly, and interact with customers. Solve their problems and help them see your brand in a different light. You can also use the power of social media by hiring social influencers, creating live videos, and sharing how-to videos that explain something unique.

Improve the Customer Service

There is no point in having new customers if you can’t keep them engaged. A smart way to guide potential customers through your products and services is by using the assistance of customer service experts. These experts should be available 24 by 7 and resolve queries instantly. In case enough workforce is not available for this task, consider AI-powered chatbots that are low cost and provide a high value for money.

Explore Digital Advertising

If you want to sell insurance and make good money, learn to invest a bit of it in digital advertising. Most recommended digital advertising mediums are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They are easy to create, simple to manage, and can provide good ROI and exposure. The best thing about such ads is that you can target audience by age, locality, gender, and intent. This helps you to generate high quality and relevant leads that are easy to convert.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Insurance companies who need to retain the existing customer every time one policy expires and ensure that new customers feel happy with their decision of buying insurance should focus on email marketing. Whenever you acquire a new customer, send them a welcome email. When a customer already has the insurance, send them nurturing emails telling them what the benefits of the policy they have bought are. You can also send nudging emails in which you explain about other insurance plans you offer so that they can consider it for themselves or recommend them to another. In cases, email marketing is not enough; you can also use WhatsApp or messaging services to influence customers.


In essence, it can be said that digital marketing has numerous advantages for insurance companies. Though insurance companies who have always stick to offline marketing methods might find the change a bit uncomfortable, they will adapt to it smoothly when they see that the online Insurance Advertising, Marketing & Its Strategies are getting them what they need, more audience and better visibility.

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27 May 2019

Medical Data Management: Top 5 Medical Data Security Challenges

When you provide a service like medical data management, it’s essential for you to get access to client data. Thanks to technology, you can access data via the internet from one part of the world to another. Though it is convenient, it is also full of risks as medical data security is a sensitive topic, and no one wants to see their medical information leaked.

If you are in the medical data management industry, you should know about the top 5 medical data security challenges and their solutions which are mentioned here.


  • Ransomware


Healthcare data security can be complicated due to the presence of healthcare ransomware. It is transferred via the inadvertent download of files by employees or via the malicious intentions of third-party attackers. Once ransomware attacks medical data, it can prevent the original owners from accessing the data. A simple solution to this problem is to enlighten them about ransomware and train them not to download suspicious files.

Use of Personal Devices

Sometimes if the employee has to complete a medical data management project on time, he or she may think that sending client data to personal email id to finish the task at home is harmless. But this poses a threat to the data as the home devices might not be protected like the office ones are. So, all the employees should be discouraged from transferring the data to personal devices, and a penalty should be levied if the employee doesn’t comply with this requirement.

Simple Passwords

Most people add simple passwords to devices so that they can remember it for long. The lack of strong passwords is a gift for hackers as they don’t need to work too hard to access the data. This problem can be solved by creating stronger passwords and memorizing them rather than writing them on a piece of paper on a smartphone that can be lost or stolen. Also, change the passwords as frequently as possible.

Lack of Knowledge

If employees working in a medical data management company have no idea how crucial data security is and what HIPAA compliance guidelines that need to be followed, they would hardly play a constructive role in protecting it. So, educating and training employees regularly is the key to protecting data. Also, make sure that only reliable employees are hired who have passed stringent security checks.

Non-Hacking Data Loss

Many incidents have also been reported in which the data was lost but not stolen or hacked. It can happen in an organization if the system crashes due to an unidentified error. To protect an organization from such incidents, the owners must have ample data backup devices in place and must take a back up of data as soon as it arrives. The backup should be done daily or weekly, depending on the needs of an organization.

Final Words

In essence, it can be seen that there are many challenges to medical data these days, and most of them can be avoided if you are smart enough to prepare in advance. We at Win Healthcare follow all the precautions and take all the steps necessary for protecting medical data while doing medical data management or offering any other medical process outsourcing services. The result, we have never had any data leaks at our end, and our clients appreciate that!


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24 May 2019

7 Medical Coding Mistakes You Must Avoid

The Medical Coding industry was worth more than 12 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to reach double, i.e., over 24 billion by 2025 by achieving a CAGR of over 10 percent from 2019 to 2025. These stats and growth numbers are enough to lure any job seeker into trying medical coding as a profession and having a share of the incredible growth that is bound to happen.

If the lucrative industry has also tempted you and you wish to make a career in it, then you must learn about 7 medical coding mistakes you must avoid becoming a successful coder who delivers perfection all the time.

  1. Upcoding

If patients are billed for services not performed or the procedure performed was simpler than what was done, it is categorized as upcoding. As upcoding leads to an inflated bill, it is wise to avoid it to get more money because it’s illegal and can land you in jail.

  1. Undercoding

Skipping codes or showing less than the procedures done is known as undercoding. It is the opposite of upcoding and is also illegal. Many people do it to avoid audits or reduce the bill of the patient.

  1. Mismatching the Codes

To ensure correct medical coding, it is essential that the diagnostics and treatment codes match flawlessly. If the diagnosis doesn’t prove the need for a medical procedure, the claims can be denied.

  1. Wrongfully Reporting Injection Codes

Some coders report multiple units of code for one session that involved administering of various injections. This is an incorrect approach. Only one code needs to be reported in such cases.

  1. Not Presenting Documentation

When reporting unlisted codes, you must ensure that there is proper documentation because if there is a lack of documentation, it can lead to rejection of claims too.

  1. Being Too Comfortable

You must have heard of the term “know it all.” Some coders think that they know it all within a few years of being on the job. The result, they end up assuming the right codes rather than checking them. This leads to blundering mistakes and wrong coding.

  1. Not Focusing on Demographic Data

The demographic data of patients is essential for every medical coding report. If the data is not there or there is a mistake in data like age, date of birth, address or sex are incorrect, it can also lead to a lot of problems.

The Aim

After reading all these points, you must know that the aim of medical coding should be to ensure that the claims are processed seamlessly and all the people’s whose money is due to get it. The lower the rejections, the higher would be the coding success.

Get the Right Codes Every Time

Now, if you think that medical coding is too tedious, you can outsource it to us, the team of Win Healthcare. We have a skilled team of coders who remember and avoid all the abovementioned mistakes. We also have a quality check system in place that ensures coding errors, if any are eliminated before the delivery to the client. Sounds interesting? Call us for more!


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07 Feb 2018

Medical Writing Vs. Scientific Writing

People often make the mistake of thinking that medical writing and scientific writing are synonymous. Guys, they are really not! The process of creating content, it’s structure, and the abilities needed to do either of these are totally different. Scroll down to know more!

Understanding Scientific Writing

As the name denotes, scientific writing is all about basic sciences, technological information, and drugs for common readers. It is usually found in the medical news, marketing material, articles, and academic content such as regulatory documents and journals.

In life sciences industry, it deals with different aspects of science such as discoveries and innovations in biotech and pharmaceutical industry, synthesis of different chemicals and different novel theories and mechanisms.

Scientific content developers not only create content for people who understand the jargon and belong to the scientific community, but they also create content for the general public who might want to know what’s happening in the world of science.

Sometimes, these writers also assume the role of medical journalists by relating science to broad social problems like the need for better healthcare practice, nutrition and food sanitization, nuclear power safety, etc.

Understanding Medical Writing

It includes creating clinical and scientific documents in a comprehensive, standard, convincing and skilled manner. It also includes creating content in such a manner that a layperson can easily understand and grasp. This process makes content more organized, easily readable and efficient. It is often used while creating a therapeutic product. It is also required when sorting medical data into a readable format.

Three Key Types

  • Regulatory
  • Educational
  • Medico-Marketing

Medical Writing Vs. Scientific Writing

The former is a more specialized area of scientific writing while the latter involves creating content about science no matter whether it’s about physics, chemistry or medicine among others.

In essence, all medical writers are science writers, but all science writers are not medical writers.

The scope of the former is confined to health and medicine only while the latter includes everything from medicine to biology and physics to chemistry among others.

Now that you have learned about medical writing, it’s time for you to consider hiring medical writers from Win Healthcare. We have a team of professionals that can handle any task with perfection while meeting client instructions. As deadlines are sacred for us, we never miss them and often beat them. You can also trust us to perform magnificently and consistently over a long period.

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