Summarizing complex data into simple words systematically

What is Medical Summarization?

Whenever a personal injury case, medical malpractice case, insurance claim or medical injury case needs to be resolved, medical summaries form its essence. It is a process of interpreting huge blocks of medical data that contain medical abbreviations or complex terminologies and then simplifying it for the benefit of attorneys, medical professionals as well as the person who has suffered from the injury.

As the information of the patient is often filled with redundancies and is in the form of a subjective narrative, it becomes vital for experts to make it readable, understandable and less complex.

Elements of Medical Summarization

In essence, these summaries include everything related to the incident or a case, be it the details of the incident or accident, details of the hospital stay, exam results or the details of the care provided. It also includes the opinion of medical professionals on the cause of the injury, diagnostic test results, appointment details, details of medications being used and deposition statement of the patient.

The Process

A simple 6 stage process ensures that the data is always accurate, adequate and acceptable

Why Trust Win Infosoft for Medical Summarization?

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Stringent Quality Checks
  • Easy Visualization
  • Superior Organization
  • HIPAA Adherence
  • Quicker TAT
  • Regular Updates
  • Ability to Handle Voluminous Data
  • Proficient Project Management
  • Consistent Support

Who Needs Our Medical Summarization Services Most?

Medico legal firms that are into offering litigation support to defendants and plaintiffs and often recruit qualified medical evaluators

  • Attorney firms that take on medico legal cases
  • Independent attorneys who specialize in medico legal cases
  • Independent medical evaluators (IME)
  • Qualified medical evaluators (QME)
  • Individuals or organizations serving as third party administrators
  • Insurance companies, especially the private disability insurance carriers
  • Companies that provide medical documentation management services and wish to outsource further
  • Workmen Compensation Claim Administrators

What Type of Summaries We Provide?

Comprehensive Summary

It offers a deep view of the medical records of the plaintiff and it is considered a perfect option for those who wish to extract a lot of information for review. These details come in handy during the medical malpractice, personal injury and toxic tort. Our team does a deep analysis of all medical records while delivering these summaries.

Narrative Medical Summary

Only the most relevant information is offered and that too in a briefest manner. Concise description of the information gathered from medical records is offered which ensures that the reader can quickly grasp the vital points.

Annotated Index Summary

This summary provides an overview of all the medical records. In it, a few words describe what they relate to and the date of service is also highlighted. It is usually opted by those clients who are don’t have much time or who wish their medical records to be sorted and indexed for easy accessibility or reference.

Medical Chronology & Timelines

This service begins with sorting and indexing the medical records. If that is already done, the next step is to outline the medical history that is relevant to the injury of the claimant. Our experts overview the past records and the current medical status of the claimant and prepare a glossary of medical terminology and acronyms that are specific to the case.

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