Medical record summaries are easy to understand abstracts of bulk information. The bulk information usually is the medical records of the patient. These summaries can be very useful for a number of non-medical purposes that include but are not limited to legal and insurance claims.

When taking care of litigation that includes medical records as the critical factor, efficiently summarized reports can turn the tables and act as a factor between winning and losing. The risk thresholds for policy applicants and for insurance can also be decided by using these documents. These summaries have all the critical data that includes relevant details from the focus period of cases and significant information that is specific to the claimants or patients problems.

Why Should You Use the Services of a MRS Company like Win Infosoft?

Medical record summarization is a very complicated exercise that needs specialized inputs offered by an experienced or skilled team. Such a team usually includes medical language experts and medical documentation experts. The teams work under the guidance of the professional who are working in medical fields since many years. At many times, the medical record summaries are needed for review within strict deadlines. So, there needs to be an established, efficient and reliable system like the one developed by Win Infosoft that study, summarize, formats and ships the data quickly.

The cost of establishing an efficient and reliable system like the one offered by Win Infosoft can be expensive for businesses that are not offering medical documentation services at the core. Hence, the workflows, the competent teams and well-defined systems of Win Infosoft are used by the businesses to summarize voluminous records in one go.

The Temporary Virtual Office

The core aim of Win Infosoft is to act as a virtual branch of the client by offering services that are tailor-made to the needs of the client. The data is transferred to the clients in a digital format and if the client faces any difficulties with that, the team can help convert hard copies into soft copies. Once the data is gathered, trained and dedicated medical record review professionals categorize the relevant and vital data from each medical record along with tagging essentials such as the type of service, date of service, place of service information and provider of service. Key medical findings that are crucial to the case are also flagged.

Benefits of Medical Summarization

After the data is sorted and summarized as per the given format, it discloses all the vital information in a visually appealing manner. It includes information like injury, the tests, the dates of treatment, medications and the results of the treatment executed.  The contact information of each provider is also mentioned. An expert review of the medical record helps in establishing a methodical timeline of events which is also known as medical case chronology. It contains information pertaining to the entire medical encounters.

Visual appeal is the key component of presenting medical summaries. It is tabulated in a simple and easily accessible format so that having a glance at it can let the reader know of all the salient information. Win Infosoft makes sure that the relevant medical records regarding the client claims are available by arranging the records, indexing and categorizing the same.

The medical record data is tabulated and presented in a simple, easily accessible format. The medical reviewer assures that all relevant medical records regarding clients’ claims are available. They arrange the records, index and categorize them, read, comprehend and then summarize them in an expert manner.

Post the reading, comprehending and summarization process, the information is audited by quality experts to ensure that it’s accurate, complete and complies with all the regulations.

Avail the Benefit!!

Attorneys who regularly have to deal with medico legal cases agree that the precise and comprehensive analysis of the medical records is the main factor in the success or failure of the case.

The professionals at Win Infosoft have a great understanding of how to extract the patient medical history from the notes, tests, and studies conducted by the provider and other medical records. After studying the records carefully, they create the final summary that highlights the information pertaining to pre-existing conditions, hereditary factors, and other critical details. By outsourcing the medical record review and summarization to Win Infosoft, the clients gain the experience of expertise, efficiency and experience at minimal costs, nil overheads and most importantly, no stress!!

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