Medical Coding isn’t complicated unless you stop putting in the hard work!

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is a simple task of assigning standardized alphabetical and numeric codes to the medical data.

Why is Medical Coding Needed?

When a person visits the doctor for any reason be it a common cold or Type 2 diabetes issue, the medical practitioner generally generates reams of medical data related to the diagnosis, the treatment, the medications etc. As the insurance companies don’t have the time or the inclination to read over tons of data before deciding if an insurance claim is genuine or not, the need for medical coding is highlighted.

By using the services of a medical coder, a person turns the data into codes that are understood not only by the healthcare providers but insurance companies as well. In short, medical coding makes way for the  transfer of huge amounts of information in an efficient and effective manner.

Coding is not only vital for medical institutions, patients and insurance providers, it is also useful for government and health agencies that track health trends. If a government organization wants to analyze the prevalence of viral pneumonia, it can search for all the diagnosis by looking up the ICD-9/10-CM code 480.

Uniform documentation between varied medical facilities is another benefit of medical coding. It lets a patient get the right treatment even if he moves from Alaska to Dallas or even Mexico. These codes remain the same around the globe.

Medical facilities can also track the efficiency of their practice as well as the effectiveness of their treatment by analyzing certain codes and judging the incidences of a certain disease like a brain tumor. It lets them improve in the future and take care of all loopholes or inefficiencies.

How It Works

Medical Coding Process can be summarized into these 5 stages:

  • 1 . Coders get access to the patient records
  • 2 . They turn it into medical codes
  • 3. A quality check is done by medical professionals
  • 4. The coded data is audited for simple mistakes like spellings, punctuation, etc.
  • 5. The final coded copy is sent to the client

Our Specialty

Win Infosoft’s team of coders is skilled at the below-mentioned industry coding standards:

  • Diagnosis Codes- International Classification of Disease- ICD-10
  • Coding for Inpatient Services- ICD-10
  • Procedure Codes- Current Procedural Terminology- CPT-4
  • Dental Procedure Codes- Current Dental Terminology- CDT
  • Drug Codes- National Drug Codes- NDC
  • Other Procedure Codes – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System- HCPCS

Some Traits of Our Medical Coders

Medical Coding is one of the prime services of Win Infosoft. You can trust us to take on this job for you because:

  • We have established systems that solve real coding problems in a precise manner which boosts efficiencies and help the enhancement of cash flow and revenues.
  • Our coders spent actual time on reading the doctor’s or nurses’ recommendations or notes precisely to determine the exact service received by the patient.
  • The team of coders we have built over the years has a thorough understanding of the policies of the private payers and government regulations.
  • Win Infosoft understands that incorrect coding can cost thousands of dollars to the client so stringent quality checks are done to avoid any mistakes.
  • Physicians and hospitals depend on accurate coding to get a proper reimbursement, so our coders indirectly help them to get the due for the services rendered.
  • The coders at Win Infosoft are also deft at checking and cross-checking the coding done by any other person to judge the accuracy and correct the errors.

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