Win Infosoft understands the importance of properly organized medical records that are easy to use for any purpose. We excel in taking complex, often multi-provider records through different technology assisted eSorting and embedded quality control. We generate Medical Indexes, Chronologies and Categorized Records in the format that the clients find most useful and the records are typically delivered as an easily searchable PDF file.

  • Systematically organizing medical records with Index, Hyperlinks and Bookmarks.
  • Using proprietary sorting tools to deliver Index with Hyperlinks for instant navigation to the actual pages
  • Creating bookmarks for easy navigation. The bookmarks can be arranged by:
    • Type of Service rendered
    • Type of document – (Billing, forms, Superbills, Pharmacy Records & Administrative)
    • Dates (Forward or Reverse chronology – as per client needs)
    • Provider-wise differentiation (Sort by user-defined categories, such as by Provider and Date Range)
    • Workers Compensation Records
  • Bates numbering assigned to a particular page record defines its unique identity.
  • Hyperlinks embedded into medical records for quick navigation of reference tiff page.
  • Increase the efficiency of your medical record review and that of your trusted medical experts.
  • Accurately capture vital information from each of the medical document, including the nature of the specific encounter, name of the provider, date of service(s) and looking after other custom data extraction.
  • Purge duplicates, other patients’ records and non-related documentation to a different “dump” file, that is returned with each and every completed assignment.
  • Supplemental records may be integrated with the previous file anytime they are available to the experts.
  • Insertion of section tab sheets and bookmarks is also handled.
  • All the completed records are delivered in PDF format for easy sharing


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