Win Infosoft forayed into the field of medical process outsourcing solutions with the aim to provide qualitative, accurate and cost-effective services that enable the clients to make critical decisions instantly. Though our talented workforce has the potential in a host of medico legal document organization, the core specialty lays in workers compensation cases wherein we can provide record retrieval services for either the defendant or the applicant’s attorneys. The cases largely relate to the current condition and medical treatment of the applicant.

Over time, we have gained the reputation as a company that adds value to the clients’ operations by using our skills in summarizing critical information hidden in medical records for easy scrutiny. The key medical process outsourcing solutions we deliver include but are not limited to Medical Summarization, Medical Writing, Medical Coding, Medical Data Organization and Medical Underwriting.

Hours TAT
12 -15
Hours for Rush Summaries Delivery
1 Million Plus
Tiff Pages Already Delivered
100 %
HIPAA Compliance and Data Integrity

Why Us?

  • Precise Information
  • Reliable Resources
  • Time Savvy
  • Compliant
  • Value for Money

The information regarding the treatments done for an injured person is always precise and based on the provided medical records. There is no scope for assumptions or mistakes.

The data is organized, extracted, analyzed and summarized by paramedical professionals who are well-versed with the terminologies and complicated jargon of the medical field.

The data is chronologically arranged in small paragraphs for ease of reading. The attorneys can decide about taking on the case within minutes by just glancing over the vital facts.

Strict adherence to HIPAA regulations is ensured at all the times. No data is processed without ensuring total compliance with the HIPAA stipulations.

Every bit of data that’s processed for any client goes through a stringent internal audit to ensure there is no scope for mistakes. Summaries are created by using 6-sigma tools only.


As an attorney, I don’t have time to read extensive medical reports. I just hire Win Infosoft to highlight the pointers I need for the case and I am highly satisfied with the results they produce.

January Williams A Satisfied Client #

I own a medical documentation management company and I was seeking a reliable outsourcing firm that delivers what it promises. Thankfully, Win Infosoft delivers the results I expect and I am happy to send them work in bulk as they deliver results consistently. Good going guys!!

Mark Letcher A Contented Client #

I have used the medical summarization services of Win Infosoft over and over again in the last few years and they do an awesome job every time. Kudos, guys!!

Tim Feeney A Happy Client #

Our Values

Interactively redefine economically sound services whereas


Everything we promise, from the expected quality to timely deliveries, everything is delivered perfectly, thanks to a dedicated project management team.


Change is inevitable. So we change our processes, systems, deliverables and timelines to meet client expectations. You want it, we deliver it. Your requirements are met every time without exceptions.


The clients only get what we promise. From pricing to quality and from delivery times to audit process, everything is laid out for the client so that the clients know we deliver brilliance honestly.

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