31 May

Insurance Advertising, Marketing & Its Strategies

Did you know that the gross value of insurance premiums across the world in $5 trillion? Perhaps, this is why medical underwriting experts and insurance processing agents have so much work to do at all times. If you have a business pertaining to insurance, you should also know that there are 6,000 insurance businesses in the US alone. This sort of competition needs you to learn about insurance advertising, marketing, and its strategies, the most crucial ones of those are mentioned here.

Make this Your Goal

When planning advertising and marketing strategies, your goal should be to build a brand that’s the same online and offline. Many customers prefer online information, while several others prefer offline information more. Some prefer both online and offline information. So, make sure that you build a brand that looks equally good online as it does offline.

Focus on the Website

A website is a home for you in the online world no matter what sort of insurance you offer, life insurance or medical underwriting services. Hence, you must create a website that is creative, informative, and interactive. The simpler and more attractive your website is, the higher would be the probability of a customer choosing you over the competitors. To get a perfect website, create good content, use a nice theme, make navigation easy, and do your SEO right.

Create the Right Content

If you want to get an edge over the competitors, make sure that you create content that ranks. Content marketing is not limited to blogs now; it also includes social media posts, how to guides, videos, and infographics. When creating content, make sure that you create it for customers and answer all the questions they might have. If the other pages of your website already have useful content, it is suggested that you create a FAQ section and eliminate all doubts.

Use the Power of Social Media

According to estimates, there are about 2.77 billion social media users in 2019; you can target them by creating effective social media marketing strategies. Begin by creating pages for your company on all social media platforms, update them regularly, and interact with customers. Solve their problems and help them see your brand in a different light. You can also use the power of social media by hiring social influencers, creating live videos, and sharing how-to videos that explain something unique.

Improve the Customer Service

There is no point in having new customers if you can’t keep them engaged. A smart way to guide potential customers through your products and services is by using the assistance of customer service experts. These experts should be available 24 by 7 and resolve queries instantly. In case enough workforce is not available for this task, consider AI-powered chatbots that are low cost and provide a high value for money.

Explore Digital Advertising

If you want to sell insurance and make good money, learn to invest a bit of it in digital advertising. Most recommended digital advertising mediums are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They are easy to create, simple to manage, and can provide good ROI and exposure. The best thing about such ads is that you can target audience by age, locality, gender, and intent. This helps you to generate high quality and relevant leads that are easy to convert.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Insurance companies who need to retain the existing customer every time one policy expires and ensure that new customers feel happy with their decision of buying insurance should focus on email marketing. Whenever you acquire a new customer, send them a welcome email. When a customer already has the insurance, send them nurturing emails telling them what the benefits of the policy they have bought are. You can also send nudging emails in which you explain about other insurance plans you offer so that they can consider it for themselves or recommend them to another. In cases, email marketing is not enough; you can also use WhatsApp or messaging services to influence customers.


In essence, it can be said that digital marketing has numerous advantages for insurance companies. Though insurance companies who have always stick to offline marketing methods might find the change a bit uncomfortable, they will adapt to it smoothly when they see that the online Insurance Advertising, Marketing & Its Strategies are getting them what they need, more audience and better visibility.

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