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It’s been years since we first tested the waters of Medico Legal Summarization, now we (and our clients) consider ourselves the experts. From the creation of accurate content to internal audits, perfect implementation of every step ensures that you know that we are the true experts.

Trained Resources

Our team members consist of paramedics who have in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations. They’ll never misinterpret anything to embarrass you. They are deft at understanding medical terms and simplifying the same for your benefit.

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The TAT we provide for every case is 48 hours and our competent team can ensure 12 hour TAT for urgent cases. Missing deadlines is not acceptable for us so it’s obvious we won’t ask you to bear with it. Deadlines are sacred and all our team members know it well.

More Savings, Better Accuracy

We can assure you that you will get 5X more savings after hiring us as compared to hiring other firms or doing the tasks internally. Our 98.5% data accuracy ensures you get quality-efficient summaries focusing on client-centric demand & needs.

The key to Dispensability of most of the medical negligence claim rest with the quality of the medical records and that’s why MRS is so crucial aspect.

NLM, National Institutes of Health

Medical records are often the only source of the truth. They are likely to be far more reliable than memory


Management of Medical Records is one of the most important aspect on which practically every medico-legal battle is won or lost.

General Practice Research Database (GPRD)

Medical Record reviews are the ‘great equalizer’ in the pre-litigation settlement process and of penultimate value at trials

National Health Information Network (NHIN)

Electronic access medical data only contains 30-40% of medical information for Legal Attorneys to deliver the case one way but this information should be precise and concise with all its facts.

Harvard Business Review

Of the approximately 900,000 attorneys in practice today, 25 percent (i.e. 225,000) deal with medical malpractice and personal injury cases. These attorneys rely on specially trained medical records analysts to help them win their cases.

Houston Chronicle

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Our Expertise Lies in these Types of Medico Legal Summarization

In this summary, an in-depth analysis of medical records is done on plaintiff’s medical records. These details come in handy in medical malpractice. Personal injury cases and date of injury are particularly highlighted.

As a part of this service, the medical personnel mentioned in the medical records are listed. Data regarding the department they were serving, their area of practice and the notes of interest are highlighted.

Issues pertaining to the history of illness, office visits, test results, medication, usage and hospital stay are highlighted. Personal injury and worker’s compensation cases are common. It allows extraction of vital information quickly.

In this service, the medical records are sorted and indexed. The past medical records and current medical status of the claimant are provided. It also has a Glossary of case-specific acronyms and medical terminology.

What people say

As an attorney, I don’t have time to read extensive medical reports. I just hire Win Infosoft to highlight the pointers I need for the case and I am highly satisfied with the results they produce.

January Williams A Satisfied Client #

I own a medical documentation management company and I was seeking a reliable outsourcing firm that delivers what it promises. Thankfully, Win Infosoft delivers the results I expect and I am happy to send them work in bulk as they deliver results consistently. Good going guys!!

Mark Letcher A Contented Client #

I have used the medical summarization services of Win Infosoft over and over again in the last few years and they do an awesome job every time. Kudos, guys!!

Tim Feeney A Happy Client #

Who We Serve?

The medical process outsourcing services offered by Win Infosoft are useful for

  • Medico legal firms that offer litigation support to defendants and plaintiffs by recruiting qualified medical evaluators
  • Independent attorneys catering to medico legal cases
  • Qualified medical evaluators (QME)
  • Independent medical evaluators (IME)
  • Companies offering medical documentation management services
  • Insurance companies (private disability insurance carriers)
  • Third party administrators
  • Workmen Compensation Claim Administrators

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